Our Overnight Camping Map!

Overnight Camping Spots Van Life

As you already know, we are exploring the United States in our DIY Converted Sprinter Van and want to share with you every place we slept in our van.

We want to help fellow van lifers find locations that are off the beaten path that are difficult to find. You could argue that the hunt for off the beaten path spots makes it fun and I would agree. However, hunting for spots late at night when you’re tired is stressful! So we hope you can add this to your arsenal of apps to help you find camping spots while on the road and alleviate some of that stress!

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Tips for using the map!

As you scroll through the list of places here’s a few tips.

There’s basically two modes with the map.

  • Map view
  • List view

The list view is in chronological order starting from the bottom (the first place we stayed at, ending at the top, which is the last place we stayed).

You may notice that we added comments on some of the spots so don’t forget to check that out. Also, we added our YouTube videos that are associated with the locations as well.

Thank you!

I know I don’t have to say this, but please respect every spot you stay at, pack out what you pack in, throw out your trash and leave it in a better place than you found it!

“Take only memories, leave only foot prints”

Thanks for following along our journey!