How to Fix the SOS Dash Light on Mercedes Sprinter Van

If you swap out or make a modification to the center console display on a Mercedes Sprinter van you may run into an issue where the SOS light comes on and if you push the SOS button and try to get them to turn it off you will quickly learn that the microphone no longer works.

Here’s the video from when we swapped our standard display unit for the new 10″ car play screen unit.

Once we finished the installation our SOS warning light turned on and we couldn’t get it off. But we finally fixed it and it’s very easy!

Solution: Simply cut the two brown/red and the two white wires and splice them together (I would disconnect the battery before cutting and splicing the wires).

You should be all set once these are connected!


  1. just wondering if the SOS function still works after this modification?
    Thanks for a great video and all the info!

  2. Yep, I just did the upgrade and my SOS light is on. I actually watched your video before the installation. I will try the wire splice tomorrow.
    Thanks, JC

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