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Ever wish you could touch down in a new place, pull out your phone, and get online before ever leaving the airplane?  After traveling to 28 different countries, I can’t tell you the number of times we arrived at a new destination wishing we could turn off airplane mode and start using our phones right away.  In the past, we would wait to get off the plane, connect to the airport’s WiFi and finally let everyone know we were safe.  Then we would have to download our offline maps, figure out where we need to go, and plan out the next place we can get WiFi. 

Today I am glad to tell you those days are over and we are super excited to announce a new partnership with Holafly.  Now, thanks to Holafly, we can access the internet as soon as we touchdown, staying connected to our loved ones with the ability to look up anything we need while traveling.   

That’s right!  Waiting until you’ve connected to airport WiFi to let your family know you landed safely and standing in long lines at SIM card kiosks to change out your personal SIM card for a temporary local one is a thing of the past!  This also applies to non-US citizens traveling to the United States!  Holafly offers eSIMs and data plan packages for travelers heading to the United States.

Stay Connected to Loved Ones with Holafly, the World's Best eSIM!

What is an eSIM & How Will it Keep Me Connected?

Holafly offers travelers international eSIM cards that allow you to connect to WiFi as soon as you touch down in your new destination.  It makes staying in touch with friends/family easy regardless of your destination and you’re no longer dependent on stores being opened!  With Holafly, you can travel without ever worrying about roaming charges, expensive phone bills, or the fear of losing or damaging your personal SIM-card!

Another great benefit of Holalfy is that you can purchase this online before you get to your destination.  That means you no longer have to worry about language barriers, figuring out where to buy sim cards, and ensuring you don’t lose your personal one! 

If you’re wondering “what is an eSIM?”, don’t worry we got you covered.  An eSIM is a programmable SIM card that is embedded directly into your phone.  Instead of using a removable SIM card that you purchase when you arrive at a destination, you can now install it onto your phone that attaches to an eUICC chip that’s already attached to your device.

How Do I Install Holafly eSIM on My Smartphone?

First, make sure your smartphone supports eSIMs.  This usually means that you have to own your phone outright.  For example, if you pay your provider monthly for your cell phone, you will not be able to use an eSIM until it is fully paid off.  

Next, purchase your eSIM online based on the country you are traveling to.  Once this is complete, Holafly will email your eSIM’s QR code to you with in minutes!

Finally, once you get to your destination, scan the QR code you received in your purchase confirmation email, activate it, and you’ll be connected to the internet within 30 seconds.  It’s really that easy! 

Where Do Holafly eSIM Cards Work?

Holafly works all over the world in 120 different countries including the United States!  Some of the countries available to Holafly include Argentina, Estonia, France, Georgia, Guatemala, Malta, Netherlands, Vietnam, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Romania, India, Greece, Iceland, Laos, Ireland, Cyprus, El Salvador, and much more!

Holafly eSIMs generally cost between $19 USD and $99 USD depending on the country you are visiting and the length of your trip!  Right now they are offering unlimited data packages at extremely affordable rates!  Yep, UNLIMITED DATA!!!

holafly esim card is a great alternative way to stay connected to the internet while traveling.

Prepaid eSIMs for the United States

If you do not live in the United States and looking to travel here, Holafly offers prepaid online data packages for the United States with their United States eSIM cards.  The data packages are extremely affordable offering unlimited data for a specified number of days.  Prices start at $19.00 for 5 days of unlimited data and go up to $99.00 for 90 days of unlimited data.  The best part, Holafly uses the best networks available and there is not any throttling once you consume a specific amount of data making it truly unlimited.  

Holafly international travel eSIM for the United States USA

We recommend using Holafly because you can make the purchases online, at home before getting to the US, and eliminates the need to find a physical store to purchase a physical prepaid sim.  For a complete list of Holafly destinations check out this link!

Will Holafly Work On My Phone?

Holafly works with a number of smartphones including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Motorola, Nuu Mobile, etc.  To see a full list of Holafly-compatible smartphones reference the photo below or check out Holafly’s website!

Stay Connected to Loved Ones with Holafly, the World's Best eSIM!

In Conclusion!

If you’re traveling this year to a different location than your home country we highly suggest getting an eSIM card from Holafly. We are happy to announce that they worked with us to give you 5% off your order with the promo code: MATHERSONTHEMAP at checkout.  

use coupon promo code mathersonthemap to get 5% off your order at Holafly esim for a USA eSIM card
Promo code MATHERSONTHEMAP works for USA eSIM cards as well as international!
Promo code MATHERSONTHEMAP works for International eSIM cards as well as USA eSIM cards!

Holafly eSIMs are an affordable and convenient way to stay connected without having to worry about roaming charges, damaging your personal SIM card, or expensive cell phone bills waiting for you at home.  They are also super easy to install and use!  So start using Holafly today and make staying connected easy!

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