The Best Van Life Podcasts 2019 (vanlife)
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The Best Van Life (#Vanlife) Podcasts

If you don’t already know, Taylor and I absolutely love to travel. We are currently converting a sprinter van with the goal to get on the road and explore North America. Check out our van build progress, by viewing our van build youtube series, where we document every step of the build with video tutorials.

While traveling, we often find ourselves listening to podcasts to further inspire us and feed our travel bug. Van life podcast episodes are a frequent choice, so we thought it is beneficial to put a list together, of the best van life podcasts.

The Best Van Life Podcasts

In the list below, I only included van life podcasts that published an episode in 2019. I thought about including other (old) podcast shows as well, but I kept this list up to date sticking with active podcast shows only.

Our opinion of the Best Van Life Podcasts may be a bit biased. Since I am currently building out our sprinter van, I am interested in van build episodes and gravitate towards them. However, all of the podcasts listed below are entertaining and inspiring and we encourage you to give each one a listen!

Below is the list of the best van life podcasts (in our honest opinion) in order of our most preferred to least preferred!

  1. Vansformation: The podcast all about self-build van conversions
  2. The Van Life Podcasts
  3. My Solo Road
  4. Humans of Vanlife
  5. All Things Overlanding Podcast
  6. The Alternative Living Podcast
  7. Gone Nomad – VanLife Podcast
  8. Finding the Home
  9. Nomadic Ninja Podcasts


1. Vansformation: The podcast all about self-build van conversions

Vansformation- The podcast all about self-build van conversions

Vansformation is a podcast focused on van conversions / van builds instead of van life, which is why I am putting it at the top of our list. As previously mentioned we’re currently in the van build process so it’s always great to hear a second opinion on why people build their way a specific way and learn from any mistakes they made.

In Vansformation, Feta Brown, the host of the show, organizes interviews with a range of different people who have different types of van builds, offering unique tips on how to design your build! This is a great resource if you’re looking to learn how to build your van in addition to youtube!

Favorite Episode: VF 15: Van Conversion Insulation with Greg Virgoe

Average Duration: 50 minutes

2. The Van Life Podcast

The Van Life Podcast - Best Van life Podcast

The Van Life Podcast, is a podcast about Steven Richard’s journey into van life. He discusses cruising across America full time and explains why he got into van life.

Steven is full of energy and relatively new to van life, offering a different perspective from those who are well-experienced van lifers.

Favorite Episode: The Van Life Podcast #5 – Planning my United States Road Trip

Average Duration: 20 – 30 minutes


3. My Solo Road

My Solo Road - Best Podcast

My Solo Road is a podcast brought to you, Sydney (Divineontheorad), a solo female living in her van with her dog. Sydney covers struggles such as safety, finances, and loneliness, she also shares stories about life on the road, everyday experiences, and how she got here.

Favorite Episode: How Did I Get Here?

Average Duration: 30 minutes

4. Humans of Vanlife

Humans of Vanlife - Best Podcast

Humans of Vanlife is a podcast brought to you from the road that focuses on humans living insider their vans and other vehicles talking about unique lifestyles and why they live the way they do.

This is a great show to gain a broader understanding of the van life community and different perspective from folks living a mobile lifestyle.

Favorite Episode: Episode 25: Vanlifers for 3 years experience engine trouble and overcome adversity

Average Duration: 1 hour

5. The Alternative Living Podcast

The Alternative Living Podcast - Best Van Life Podcasts

The Alternative Living Podcast is brought to you by the Indie Projects, Theo and Bee. Theo and Bee discuss a range of topics – including why they chose to live/travel the way they do, off-grid living, challenges they have faced, inspiration and advice for others looking to do the same.

Favorite Episode: 07 SMALL van vs BIG van | Which Should You Choose?!

Average Duration: 40 minutes

6. All Things Overlanding Podcast

All Things Overlanding Podcast - Best Van Life Podcasts

All Things Overlanding Podcast is more than just Vanlife, since it’s main focus is on overlanding/offroading and covers a different range of vehicles. However, it introduces valuable content for those who are looking into hitting the road and considering all alternatives. This podcast covers trips, gear reviews, vehicle modifications, and photography!

Favorite Episode: S1 Ep 13 – Van Life and Overlanding (logistics, full time or part time, what can we learn from it?)

Average Duration: 20 minutes

7. Nomadic Ninja Podcast

Nomadic Ninja Podcast - Best Van Life Podcast

The Nomadic Ninja Podcast is brought to you by Jesse, a kickboxer enjoying van life. Jesse discusses a range of topics covering van life, martial arts, philosophy and more. The podcast episodes are a mix of solo talks and interviews.

Favorite Episode: 30 – Houselife vs Vanlife….

Average Duration: 1 hour

8. Gone – VanLife Podcast

Gone Nomad - VanLife Podcast

Gone Nomad is brought to you by Rav Nomad. Rav recently rebranded his podcast from photography podcast to a van life podcast. Rav covers why he got into van life and another episode focusing on why you should get into van life, or why you shouldn’t.

Favorite Episode: My story into van life

Average Duration: 1 hour

9. Finding the Home

Finding the Home - Best Van Life Podcasts

Finding the Home is a relatively new van life podcast featured by Max and Kendal. Max and Kendal are a newly married couple exploring North America in their self converted 2016 Sprinter Van. So far there are only 5 episodes, documenting their journey on van life.

Favorite Episode: Van Life!

Average Duration: 25 Minutes


I hope this list helps you easily find some van life podcasts. Again we enjoy all of the podcasts on this list and encourage you to give everyone a try to see what you like. We cannot wait to join the van life community and hit the road and we will continue to post updates of our van build.

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If you have any questions about this post or about our van please drop a comment below!

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