The Best Breakfast Restaurants in Ventnor City, NJ

If you’re looking for the best breakfast restaurants in Ventnor City you came to the right place. We currently live in Ventnor City, NJ and have personally tried each restaurant mentioned below. Here’s the list of our favorite breakfast restaurants in Ventnor City, NJ that we would recommend to any friend or family member.

Enlightened Cafe

Enlightened Cafe Best Breakfast restaurants in Ventnor City

Enlightened Cafe is hands down our favorite breakfast restaurant in Ventnor City, NJ. It is home to a healthier organic menu, with acai bowls smoothies, juices and more. Enlightened Cafe is part of the Enlightened foundation and they donate 100% of the profit towards scholarships for those who cannot afford recovery treatment. It is a great place to eat that is focused on bettering the community!

Enlightened Cafe Best Breakfast Restaurants in Ventnor City NJ
Inside Enlightened Cafe, Image courtesy of Google Maps
enlightened cafe best breakfast restaurants in ventnor nj
K’s Packed Bowl at Enlightened Cafe

Enlightened Cafe serves their food all day and close late at night, 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights.


Isabella’s Ventnor Cafe

Isabella’s Ventnor Cafe is a great breakfast restaurant in Ventnor. They offer your traditional American breakfast with additional options like Crab Benedict, Smoked Salmon, or Steak and Eggs! Isabella’s also has pancakes, waffles, and french toast for those looking for a sweeter meal.

Isabella’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have very friendly hours and are open for dinner on every day, besides Tuesday and Wednesday (they close at 3:00pm on those days).

The egg scramble is really good and Kevin recommends that. Our friend had the yogurt parfait which he recommends as well.

Isabella’s Ventnor Cafe the best breakfast restaurants in Ventnor City nj
The egg scrambler, eggs Benedict, yogurt parfait, and a western omelet

If you decide to go to Isabella’s for dinner, don’t forget that Mexican Cuisine and BYOB.


Annette’s Restaurant

Our favorite traditional American breakfast, Annette’s Restaurant offers a beachie breakfast vibe with great food. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and has a nice size parking lot if you need to park a car. Their omelets are a good size and you get your money’s worth!

annette's restaurant best breakfast restaurants in ventnor city nj
Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

Annette’s Restaurant offers only breakfast and lunch and open all year round. Make sure to get here before they close at 2:00pm every day.

Omelet at Annette's Restaurant - Best Breakfast Restaurants in Ventnor City NJ-min
Large Omelet at Annette’s Restaurant!
Pecan Walnut French Toast Annette's Restaurant - Best Breakfast Restaurants in Ventnor City NJ-min
Pecan Walnut French Toast, so good!


Hannah G’s

Hannah-g's restaurant in ventnor city nj - the best breakfast restuarants

Hannah G’s is a popular breakfast restaurant on the edge of Ventnor City close to Margate. There’s plenty of outdoor seating so if the weathers nice this may be the place to go! You can expect a traditional American breakfast with your choice of omelets, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and more.

Breakfast Sandwich at Hannah G's restaurant best breakfast restaurants ventnor city nj-min
Porkroll Egg and Cheese on an Everything Bagel

Hannah G’s serves breakfast and lunch so try and make it to Hannah’s before they close at 2:00 pm each day. For those sandwich lovers, you can order the lunch menu in the morning!

Powercakes at Hannah G's restaurant best breakfast restaurants ventnor city nj-min
Powercakes with blueberries at Hannah G’s restaurant

WARNING: Hannah G’s only accepts cash as form of payment, they do have an ATM on site but it likely has fees.


Agnes Cafe

Agnes Cafe the best breakfast restaurants in ventnor city new jersey

Right across the street from Enlightened Cafe is Agnes Cafe. Agnes offers a traditional American breakfast with a diner type atmosphere.

Agnes Cafe only serves breakfast and lunch and like the other nondinner restaurants, Agnes closes at 2:00pm each day.


Velo Cafe

Velo Cafe Restaurant in Ventnor City - Best Breakfast Restuarants

A block away from Agnes, Enlightened Cafe, and Isabella’s, Velo Cafe is a new restaurant added to the list! Velo’s menu is traditional American breakfast with eggs benedict and fresh smoothies!

Velo Cafe Menu The best breakfast in ventnor city new jersey-min

Velo also has great coffee as well if you’re looking for something new and local!


Overall you can’t go wrong getting breakfast in Ventnor. If you’re looking for some healthier options, then head to Enlightened Cafe and try a healthy drink and an acai bowl. If you want a traditional American breakfast meal then you have 4 different restaurants to chose from.

The best breakfast restaurants in ventnor city new jersey
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Consider biking to a restaurant if you’re staying in Ventnor City or at the neighboring cities of Margate or Atlantic City. All of these restaurants are within biking distance of each other with Enlightened Cafe, Isabella’s and Agnes Cafe are within less than a block from each other. Hannah G’s is closer to Margate and Annette’s is in the middle of the city.

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