Welcome to Mathers On The Map!

Hey y’all!  Welcome to Mathers On The Map, we are Kevin and Taylor Mathers!  As I’m sure you know from our homepage, we are a husband and wife duo consumed by frequent travel and adventure!

Although Mathers On The Map is mainly a travel blog, it is also a blog about teaching others how to essentially travel for free as well as a place where we can share our journey to financial freedom.  Our hope is to inspire YOU to take YOUR first step towards healthy financial habits and financial freedom so you can spend more time doing the things you love!


How we met.

Kevin and I met in 2010 while attending Rutgers University.  Here Kevin studied business and I studied psychology, before ultimately graduating and starting an 11-month second degree BSN program at Drexel University.

About Us- How we met

Dating, Careers, & Moving Around

While I spent the better parts of 2014 and 2015 studying to become a nurse, Kevin plunged headfirst into what some refer to as “The Rat Race.”  After working in his career for a year and a half, Kevin was relocated to Southern California where I joined him in early 2017.  However, before joining him in Southern California, Kevin and I embarked on an eight-month long-distance relationship.  It was during these eight months when Kevin dived deep into internet forums and read hundreds of blogs on how to save money on flights and hotels.  He figured out how to fly for next to nothing which allowed us to be able to see each other monthly during this time.

It also was around this time that Kevin started losing interest in his career path and started to look into other avenues to make money.

By the fall of 2017, we moved to Portland, Oregon and were completely consumed by the idea of traveling and exploring as frequently as possible.  And with the help of Kevin’s money-saving travel tricks we were able to explore much of the west coast before moving to Hawaii for one of my last stints as a travel RN.  

Marriage & More

In 2018, Kevin and I finally got married after being engaged for two years and moved home to be closer to family.  Though these past few years at home have been amazing, Kevin and I still find so much joy and happiness in traveling.  So we have continued to feed our passion by pursuing the goals of, 30 under 30 and Van Life.  

Though Van Life is not something that excited me as much as it did Kevin, we decided to give it a go and spent 2019 and 2020 converting our 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Van Merl.  After a little over a year of building out the van into our perfect tiny home, Kevin and I are finally on the road full-time in hopes to explore all the little nooks and crannies of our beautiful country. 


Now enough about us, we hope this blog motivates you to take the first step into doing what you love.  Whether that is achieving financial freedom, finding recommendations for your upcoming travel, deciding where to travel, or just finding what makes you happy! 

xoxo, Taylor & Kevin

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