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Hello everyone!  We are Kevin and Taylor Mathers and welcome to our blog!  Mathers on the map is about traveling, teaching others how to travel for next to nothing as well as sharing our journey to financial freedom with the goal to stop working our 9-5’s so we can travel as often as possible.  Our hope is to inspire YOU to take YOUR first step towards healthy financial habits and financial freedom so you can spend more time doing things you love.

Kevin Mathers

Kevin Mathers First Step Fortune

Taylor Mathers

Taylor Mathers First Step Fortune

Little History!

Taylor and I met in 2010 at Rutgers University where I studied business and Taylor studied psychology.  After our four years at Rutgers University, Taylor went on to study nursing and I plunged into what we all call, “The Rat Race.”  After quickly realizing this is not a race I want to be a part of, Taylor and I had started to look at other avenues to make money other than working the 9-5.

I started this blog in 2016, focusing on personal finance and at the time it was called First Step Fortune.  Around that time I was relocated to California for work and needed to figure out a way to see Taylor who was living in New Jersey.  I dived deep into internet forums and read hundreds of blogs on how to save money on flights and hotels.   I figured out how to travel for next to nothing and was able to see Taylor every month while we were long distance.

In 2017, Taylor started travel nursing and was able to find a nursing position in Southern California to move in with me.  With the help of our latest money saving travel tricks, we started exploring all over the west coast and then took advantage of Taylor’s travel nursing opportunity.

Through Taylor’s career as a travel nurse, we lived in California, Oregon, and Hawaii, and now have the travel bug.  It is the memories we have made while traveling that has motivated us to find financial freedom.  However, since we started writing more about travel than personal finance we decided to rebrand the blog to Mathers On The Map!  Financial freedom is still our goal so we can spend more time together doing what we love instead of in an office.

We hope this blog motivates you to take the first step to achieve to your freedom, whether it’s financial freedom, traveling the country/world, or just pure happiness.  Hope you enjoy!

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